Who Are We?

We are just like you. We love the North. We love the sense of community the Yukon brings. No matter how far we travel or how many places we visit, we keep coming back. Whether you're a true sourdough, a newcomer or someone just visiting - welcome!

Yukon Built is a brand created to showcase the pride and beauty of the Yukon in a lineup of quality apparel. All our items are printed in Canada and finished right here in the Yukon (seriously, we had to learn to sew!). As we grow, we aim to be produced as local and sustainable as possible.  Not only do we want to provide incredible clothing, but we want to provide history and stories of the Yukon's past. 

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We are Adventurers. We are Explorers. We are Pioneers. We are Sourdoughs. We are Yukon Built.

To the North,

Myles & Tanner

myles and tanner